Fridayyy. Fridayyy.

Happy Friday to ya, you guys. Links and other goodness below.

Does optimization ever end? How we grew Crazy Egg’s revenue by 510%
Awesome case study on optimizing a already high converting site. CRE is becoming one of my favorite marketing blogs to read.

Blaming Obama for George W. Bush’s Policies
Politics! Yeah! I don’t consider myself political, but I do really enjoy reading about economic policy since it’s driven by data instead of ideology. This is a good read on policy cause and effect relating to our current budget and economic issues. The author worked in two Republican administrations, but defends Obama here, which is interesting.

How To Fly Business Class To Medellin, Colombia for $77
Older post, but if you’re interested in learning about “Travel Hacking,” this is a great place to start. Hack the System is a great blog, as well.

Pop went the social media bubble. Now what?
I saw the Facebook/Zynga/Groupon trio referred to as the “Axis of Evil” on Twitter, which I found pretty funny. Their stocks continue to completely tank, despite being overall solid companies. When your valuation is gargantuan to start with and is 100x your actual revenues, though, being “solid” isn’t enough. One of my favorite quotes came from WSJ editor Dennis K. Berman:

Why is Groupon stock down 25% today? Because it’s no longer a growth company. It’s just…a company.


I’m headed off to see my favorite band, and one of the best live bands in the world, My Morning Jacket twice this weekend, first in Philly then in the DC area.

Their 2008 show at Bonnaroo still stands as the best concert I’ve ever seen. Started after midnight and lasted for four hours through a torrential downpour. Watch them play with Kirk Hammet of Metallica here. Forward to the 1:00 mark for pure rock and roll bliss.

Enjoy the weekend.

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